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Fast boats and cars are common, but reliability is often sacrificed for power and speed. Not so with the X Power Drive developed by Bill Auberlen.

As an endurance sports-car driver, he knows performance is more than a measure of speed. He has taken the green flag for 355 professional auto races, starting from the pole position 53 times. He has earned 75 race victories and 139 podium finishes, setting 102 records en route to six championships.

After two decades of success on track, Auberlen wanted to chase the same results on water. He developed the engine technology for his record-setting boats, but he couldn't find the outdrive he needed for consistent, fast performance. The solution came from motorsport, using engineering techniques and materials honed in Formula One and Indy Car racing.

"I was able to build bigger and more technologically advanced motors, yet the outdrive industry seemed to lack in development compared to the engine industry. So pretty soon, I had 1500 horsepower on an outdrive capable of handling 600 horsepower. That meant that I was going to get to know Vessel Assist very well," he recalled.

Enlarge Picture"Somebody had to invent a new outdrive. I went to people I knew very well who were heavily involved in Formula One racing and hired them to engineer this project. I had huge resources behind me – I had access to computational fluid dynamics analysis, finite analysis, wind-tunnel testing and massive engineering in both England and Canada."

After four years of design work and testing, Auberlen and his colleagues introduced the X Power Drive, tested at 1535 horsepower and 1296 foot-pounds of torque, with no failures. They had achieved their goals of power, performance and reliability – in an affordable package.

"When people build these things and they try to increase reliability, parts get big and performance goes down. So reliability and speed were both the highest priority. When you bolt this drive on, it needs to go faster! With the X Power Drive there is no comprimise. It's Stronger, Faster, and Better!" Auberlen explained.

Enlarge Picture"There was a big void in the market. We wound up designing an outdrive that's capable of handling the big-big horsepower, yet is more reasonably priced, 'way higher advanced in technology and able to bolt onto everybody's existing boat. It covers every single facet of what was missing in the industry."

Few will have Auberlen's opportunity to command a race car at speed, but through him, every X Power Drive owner will carry the world-class technology of Formula One racing. That is performance!


The X Power Drive was derived from the concept that necessity is the mother of invention.

The fact that my friends and I, and everybody else that has ever had a great day or weekend destroyed by the sound of grinding gears or finding the only gear was neutral, drove me to design the X Power Drive. I was tired of calling Vessel Assist, not to mention the embarrassment of it all, with my wife and all her friends giving me that look as we had no more drive. She saw the checkbook, so she knows how much it all cost. This was designed to make that a non-issue. Years of development with some of the smartest engineering companies in the world have yielded the most sophisticated and technologically advanced drive to ever hit the market.

Slam down the throttle, watch the speedo go higher than it ever has before and enjoy! It was the way God intended.

The Bill Auberlen Story
(wmv format 19.50 MB)
Take behind the scenes look at Bill Auberlen and what he does in his off time to balance out the pressures of professional racing.

In Pursuit Of His Passion
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Bill Auberlen President of X Power. Take a look at his love for racing and how it translates into his love for boating.

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