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Drysump Pump SystemWhat makes the X power Drive’s dry-sump system different from the others and what are the advantages?  First of all the X Power Drive is the ONLY REAL DRY-SUMP DRIVE available today.  The only oil in the drive is the oil that was regulated and sprayed in via spray bars and spray jets, then filtered and placed in an external tank housed under the carbon fiber back cover.  At any given moment there is only a film of oil on the gears and never is any gear submerged or forced to run in a bath of oil.  What are the advantages to this method you ask?  Lets take two runners about to go head to head in the 100-yard dash.  Runner number one is running in shorts and has the perfect pair of tennis shoes and is ready to go.  Runner number two is forced to do the 100-yard dash submerged in a swimming pool that is really hot.  Who is going to win and why only makes sense.

The friction developed by a gear spinning at very high speeds in oil is extremely high, also the hydraulic effect when the teeth come together is immense, not to mention 9 gears and 11 bearings this just multiplies the problem.  Also this friction makes an amazing amount of heat and drag with absolutely nowhere to go.  The X Power Drive has done years of testing and development to put this entire problem to rest.  The result is a drive that takes so little horsepower to run it up to 7000rpm that it is almost incomprehensible.  It frees up all that extra horsepower so the end result is your boat is able to go faster more reliably.

Just a side note:
Our early test versions had a beautiful built in water-cooled heat exchanger.  The dry-sump X Power Drive is so efficient that we were unable to make enough oil temperature, so we wound up taking the oil cooler off in order to create an oil temp maximum of 184.4 F degrees.  I bet the competition wishes they could say that.


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