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CFD ModelingExtensive hydrodynamic CFD modeling by one of the most technological advanced F-1/Indy Car development companies has gone into making the latest in cutting edge technology for lowest drag numbers (up to 37 % less drag than the competition). We can also adjust the amount of lift/down force by the optional replaceable stainless skegs. With this skeg you are able to simply bolt on a different style/profile skeg and you are able to dramatically affect the handling characteristics. The skeg is made of stainless steel allowing it to be made much thinner than cast aluminum versions. The outcome is far less drag while still allowing it to be stronger than cast aluminum. Also if the skeg is damaged you can replace it in a matter of minutes.

3 Stage Dry Sump Pump3 Stage Dry Sump PumpThe oiling system is the most advanced system ever to be implemented into any drive on the market. It incorporates a 3-stage dry-sump pump which at all times will keep the entire outdrive entirely devoid of standing oil. The only oil ever in the drive itself is what is strategically introduced via spray bars and spray jets being sent in at a very precise regulated pressure from our hybrid 3 stage dry-sump pump. This makes it by far the lowest drag unit available on the market today freeing up all that extra power to make extra acceleration, and top end speed. While others claim to have a dry-sump system this is the only true dry-sump system. All others contain the oil in the lower unit itself requiring the lower unit gear sets to spin in the oil creating drag, friction and heat. Oil TankThe X Power Drive contains all required oil in a baffled and filtered oil tank. This allows the oil to settle, cool, and deaerate before being reintroduced back into the drive. Oil changes are a breeze, just remove the drain plug let the oil in the tank drain then install the drain plug and fill the required amount back into the tank. The X Power Drive will use your stock drive fluid reservoir with one exception, their will never be any oil in the reservoir. The X Power Drive will only use the reservoir as a source of vent to atmosphere that the drive will require. No modification will be necessary, if you are using a stock bottle just remove the rubber one-way check valve this will allow the bottle to vent. Any other bottles just allow a hole to vent to atmosphere.Cavitation PlateThe cavitation plate, back cover and top cover are made of pre preg epoxyBack Cover auto claved carbon fiber. The aeration tube is built straight into the top cap and back cover. If needed merely open the naca ducts air inlet and the cav plates lower outlet and you now have a beautiful built in aeration tube. The looks are that of an F-1 racecar not plumbing for your sprinklers, and the function is that of the space shuttle. The cavitation plate also covers the trim rams improving on the outward looks.

The X Dimension can be the shortest in the industry at 16.79 inches in its shortest configuration, and can be spaced up to 5 inches making it 21.79 inches long. The idea behind this was the X Power Drive is a true surfacing drive, it can and should be run at the highest X dimension possible allowing for minimum drag. One example would be if your current Bravo drive is even with the bottom of the boat and the drive is 21 inches long, then with a simple X Power Drive replacement you can be up to 4.21 inches above the bottom. There is no need to modify the engine height, exhaust, or anything else. Then just bolt on a number six style prop and you are surfacing and throwing a giant rooster tail just like the race boats you see on TV.

Telemetry LoggingYears of testing with the latest in data acquisition, sensors, and telemetry logging have yielded the strongest and most efficient drive to hit the market. Early cooling system testing proved the X Power Drive to be so efficient that we decreased the built in 13 plate water cooled heat exchanger to 8, then 4, then removed it all together. After solid full throttle runs for up to 37 minutes the drive would max the temp out to a sustained 184.4 F, as you can see in the data sheet, keeping it up to a solid 90 degrees F - less than any critical level. With stock bravo drives you can exceed 300 degrees F in just one pass of less than one minute. We did all testing with very high quality oil that you will be able to buy at almost any auto parts store. You will need to use this oil because oil viscosity vs. temperature will modify the required oil pressure.

InstallationInstallation is a very simple retrofit. You remove the stock bravo or like drive. Then you remove the stock check valve in the gimble assembly by pulling it with either your fingers or a pair of pliers. Then let the stock oil drain out of the boat reservoir. Install the X Power Drive just like the stock drive and hook up the shift cable. Make sure you install the proper spacer and coupler for the desired X dimension. Remove both trim rams leaving the hoses connected to the ram and disconnecting the hoses from the distribution block under the gimble. Remove the stock trim ram bushings, and install the supplied X Power trim ram bushings that have a slightly different angle built in. Now swap the right and left trim ram putting the inside on the outside on each side, you are correct when you see the long hard line on the outside of the trim ram. The angles will line up to the X Power drive perfectly. You must remember the X Power Drive is a totally self contained unit, and will not supply any water to the engine, an external water pickup must be used.


Direct replacement for stock bravo style outdrives. Bolts directly onto stock Bravo style gimbles with no modifications necessary.

Tested to 1535 hp., 1296 ft. lbs. torque with zero failures.

Unparalleled ultra low parasitic frictional losses; so low it’s classified.

Adjustable X-dimension up to an incredible 5 inches. Can be the same length as the stock drive or as low as 5 inches shorter.

Designed using aircraft certified hybrid proprietary metals.

Optional removable and replaceable skeg, can be replaced in minutes.

Designed & Engineered by X POWER drive & F-1/Indy Car Manufacturing & Engineering company.

Different skeg designs available to change lift vs. drag ratios depending on boat set up requirements.

Carbon fiber removable cavitation plate and back cover with integrated Naca duct for aeration to the propeller if desired.

Integrated oil filtration system.

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