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Check out the amazing X Power Drive in these video clips.
Select a video clip below to view this incredible new outdrive at work. You can also right click the video link and "save target as" to download the clip to your computer for easy viewing.

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X Power Hydrodynamics at Work
(wmv format 3.05 MB)
This kind of video footage is very hard to acquire, but this is what it takes to learn what is needed to properly understand where to run the drive in relationship to the bottom of the boat in order to minimize drag as well as prop slip.

Top Secret X Dimension in Action
(wmv format 2.04 MB)

The X dimension is critical and here you can see clearly the relationship of the drive bullet/prop shaft vs. skeg.

How Fast Can This Conquest Top Cat 2 Get On Plane?
(wmv format 1.50 MB)

With the flick of the wrist on the throttle and 16 lbs. of instant boost, this boat that used to take up to 10 seconds getting on plane now takes under 3! This particular Paul Pfaff Whipple charged engine makes 1250hp and 1150 Lb. Ft. of torque on race gas which on any normal day is enough to destroy any drive, just not the X Power!

Just Keep It Pegged & Let 'er Eat!
(wmv format 1.19 MB)

This little Conquest was well known as a major drive breaker. It has gone through 5 of the competitors' drives in one week. With no hope in sight the owner has parked the boat for over a year. With the X Power Drive and the throttle pegged as long as you want, now all the boat needs is an engine rebuild.

In Pursuit Of His Passion
(wmv format 10.70 MB)
Bill Auberlen President of X Power. Take a look at his love for racing and how it transcends into his love for boating.

The Bill Auberlen Story
(wmv format 19.50 MB)
Take behind the scenes look at Bill Auberlen and what he does in his off time to balance out the pressures of professional racing.

Los Angeles Boat Show
(Video Feed)
X Power Drive has grand unveiling at Los Angeles boat show with great response!
CAD Designs and 3D Rendering
Select a CAD video clip below to view this amazing drive and its inner workings. There is no doubt that this drive has been engineered to perfection!

Complete Drive - Multi Axis View
(wmv format 2.50 MB)
This is a multi axis external view of the complete drive with the carbon fiber cavitation plate on.

Complete Drive - Transparent Dry Sump Section
(wmv format 2.97 MB)

This is a close up internal view of the complete drive with the carbon fiber cavitation plate removed and a transparent dry sump pump section for easy viewing of the internal engineering.

Complete Drive - Horizontal Axis View
(wmv format 3.46 MB)

This is an internal close up view of the complete drive spinning on a horizontal axis with a transparent oil tank/dry sump pump section.

X Power Drive Parts

Select a photo gallery below to view more images and details of specific parts.

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